Saturday, October 10, 2015

Comments Enabled


After quite a few years I've re-activated comments on this blog. This will be heavily moderated with the following policies:

1. Disrespectful comments are not allowed

2. Comments must be restricted to ones direct personal experiences.

3. Espousing  or promotion of spiritual organization doctrine will not be tolerated as it violates principle #2 above.

Comments will be enabled for a trial period.  My hope is that this will facilitate an exchange of individual experiences. I hope this will provide a productive forum for independent thinking and commentary. I request that comments  not devolve into to the promotion of faith based concepts that cannot be verified by direct personal experience.

I encourage commentary from people from all back grounds and traditions, not just SRCM. The intention here is to enable a healthy and meaningful exchange of experiences and ideas to enable healing, inspiration and upliftment.

Best Regards