Saturday, October 10, 2015

Comments Enabled


After quite a few years I've re-activated comments on this blog. This will be heavily moderated with the following policies:

1. Disrespectful comments are not allowed

2. Comments must be restricted to ones direct personal experiences.

3. Espousing  or promotion of spiritual organization doctrine will not be tolerated as it violates principle #2 above.

Comments will be enabled for a trial period.  My hope is that this will facilitate an exchange of individual experiences. I hope this will provide a productive forum for independent thinking and commentary. I request that comments  not devolve into to the promotion of faith based concepts that cannot be verified by direct personal experience.

I encourage commentary from people from all back grounds and traditions, not just SRCM. The intention here is to enable a healthy and meaningful exchange of experiences and ideas to enable healing, inspiration and upliftment.

Best Regards


Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Current State of SRCM

The 10+ years of experience I had as a prefect and abhyasi in SRCM pales in comparison to the Journey I embarked upon when I departed SRCM over 25 years ago. It is no wonder to me that this organization struggles to continually re-invent itself to maintain their disciples attention and interest. Re-branding and re-writing history only puts a new face on the same organization.

SRCM leadership lusts for being a major world spiritual organization yet remains insignificant in the larger scheme of things. 

Like all hierarchical organizations, SRCM draws spiritual power from its disciples. It reinforces the myth of spiritual inadequacy and dependence on a hierarchy and mission to achieve some elusive goal. Like all religions it promises a brighter world upon death in exchange for enduring misery and sacrifice in this life. In its wake is the carnage of damaged lives and families. 

This is the opposite of spirituality. There is no spiritual goal. There is only the Journey which is infinite! In effect, disciples willingly sacrifice their Spirit Journey to serve a mission. 

I pray for the awakening of all sincere souls. May they take that simple step to resume their Spirit Journey that Creator has lovingly placed before them.

Love and Blessings,


Sunday, December 21, 2014

End Of En Era

My deepest condolences to the family and disciples of Shri Parthsarathi Rajagopalachari, who passed away this weekend. While I parted ways with Mr. Rajagopalachari nearly 25 years ago, he was a formative influence in the early days of my Spirit Journey. His passing is the end of an era for the Sahaj Marg system. May all those who sought his wisdom and guidance continue on their Journey with their hearts open.



Monday, November 03, 2014

Obedience To The Mission

I approach all my experiences on this life's Journey with gratitude. In my youth, I thought my spirit Journey began in 1979 when I approached SRCM– 19 years old, seeking spiritual training and guidance. Guidance was lacking. The aging Master, inaccessible. Dissension within the group was looming. Yet, within the first few months, I experienced an inner calm in my heart center. This would ultimately be my companion and guide. No experience in my subsequent 10 years in SRCM has held a candle to this early experience. It has remained so to this day, more than 30 years later. I left SRCM in 1990 after much disappointment and betrayal. When the Master demanded I be “obedient to the Mission”, I left and never looked back. In fact, my true Spiritual Journey began at that very instant. I am grateful for the push! I would not trade this Journey for anything.

Since my departure, I have heard from so many current and former SRCM abhyasis who struggle in their effort achieve something spiritual. Many suffer from trauma inflicted upon them in their association with SRCM, its preceptors and hierarchy. Some struggle with confused thinking and low self esteem. Yet, I believe each and every one has experienced a centered heart early on their practice. The internal struggle results from the pursuit of spiritual achievements beyond the simplicity of a centered heart. That centered heart is the only constant on a Journey that never ends. Further harm is done by demanding obedience to the Mission.

What is the purpose of this obedience? What has this Mission created? Vast real estate holdings? Publications irrelevant to anyone who does not share in obedience to the Mission? What has the Mission done to uplift Humanity that merits obedience to it? The Mission anoints spiritual trainers who are but beginners, with little or no training of their own. Its hierarchy has neither the compassion nor the patience to affirm the divinity that exists in every aspirant's heart. Instead they proclaim that the highest divinity exists only in the one Master, as if nature hoards its abundance in only one heart! They forswear their disciples as merely slaves of wishes, full of grossness, in need of cleaning.

This behavior is the antithesis of the ancient spiritual truth - The truth, which declares the heart as the true guide, where at its core exists the spark of the Infinite. Only when one affirms this truth does the Infinite Journey begin! When one pursues a spiritual goal, they step off this Journey. They risk mental anguish, trauma and even insanity. Obedience to the Mission is a dangerous distraction. The Mission serves only itself. It serves only to perpetuate myths that perpetuate obedience to itself. The truth is, there exists no divine master to take you an ultimate spiritual goal, because there is no goal. There is only Journey itself – which is Infinite, and the heart is the only true guide and Master.


Monday, October 14, 2013

A Message From The Spirit Forest

Monkey Man has posted this on my personal blog. It has relevance to SRCM so I've reposted it here.

 Its inhabitants attacked, but not broken
The Spirit Forest dispatches an invisible emissary
Concealed in storms manifest by men
Which tear into continents without mercy
Unnoticed by a world consumed with itself

Its stillness of spirit resides in destructive spiral cores
Vacuum manifesting destruction
Invisible in the aftermath
Drifting silently to unsuspecting kingdoms
And slipping unnoticed into inner sanctums

News of its arrival will be silence
Yet its presence will blare like a thousand falcon cries
Self proclaimed Masters will see their end
Unsuspecting loyalists cling to crumbling palace walls
Brightness shines on Darkness
Dark inhabitants, their true form revealed, scatter

What has been proclaimed as Bright will reveal its Darkness.
 ...And those imprisoned in Darkness will shine like Morning Stars

Monkey Man

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm posting here a comment made in response to posts on:

Having lived long enough to have personally known, Babuji, Chariji, Babuji's Sons, Ragavendra Rao, SA Sarnad, not to mention one of the last surviving associates of Lalaji who died recently at the age of 103, I am going to comment here to the many folks posting here, claiming to "know" about the system of Sahaj Marg, offering their advice and wisdom to Jai Hind for simply documenting HIS experience.

1. Sahaj Marg is not part of Lalaji's legacy. Lalaji encouraged multitudes of spiritually inspired people, without creating exclusivity or claiming to be the "only path" to some elusive goal. Babuji, after meeting Lalaji only a few times, and a decade after his death, claimed his exclusive successorship. Yet Sahaj Marg bears little resemblance to what Lalaji taught. 

2. "The Goal" everyone is clamoring to acheive in SRCM is a falsity! There is no Goal, no elusive "Brighter World". There is only an Infinite Journey that lays before you and always has laid before you! You can choose to languish in starry eyed trances around the words of a self proclaimed (and dead) gurus, or embark upon the Journey that is yours, and yours alone to travel. Even your revered Babuji hinted about this when he said, " Its as simple as turning ones head from here to here"...

3. For whatever reason Babuji created this SRCM system, the result is multitude of charlatans and opportunistic family members claiming to be his successors, representatives, holders of his legacy, or, worst of all, directly communicating with him from the dead.

SRCM blatantly claims to be the exclusive means for humanity to achieve the highest "Goal" possible for human beings. Such claims deserve scrutiny. Call it "judging the system" if you'd like. HOWEVER, such claims go against ALL that true Spirituality represents. Yet, SRCM members feel free to judge anyone who might speak up about it. Even I have been called an "Enemy of Spirituality" by SRCM for speaking the truth on behalf of a much larger and more ancient spiritual legacy that SRCM ever will be! Jai Hind seems to be bearing the brunt of it from posters, who display little or no direct knowledge of the very foundations of the organization and system they defend.

I truly hope and pray that those of you who have posted here are ultimately blessed with the ability, through whatever means, to see the Infinite Journey that has always awaited you - A Journey where a direct relationship with Creation/Creator is your birthright!



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Un-Sound Principles of SRCM

I've received many enquiries from current and former disciples of SRCM recently. Many agonize over their predicaments, questioning the hierarchy or are simply spiritually unhappy. Some struggle with difficult decisions to either join a splinter group or leave SRCM all together. I have always offered to assist in what ever way I can, asking nothing in return.  I have found myself repeating a common theme in most of these correspondences. As a result I have decided to summarize some of my statements made privately below:

I believe that the practice of Sahaj Marg, and the entire system established by its Founder, to be based upon spiritually flawed and dangerous principles. Other than completely discarding the core principles and practices of the system, there is no possible outcome other than that which we see unfolding today. 

More specifically:

1. The Prayer is comprised of affirmations which are spiritually harmful and are fundamentally un-natural.  The prayer affirms that the one reciting the prayer is inadequate, having not achieved some unspecified but often mentioned Goal. This Goal, as the prayer states is only achievable through an elusive "Master".  

  • The prayer makes a dangerous affirmation of ones separateness from the Divine: While humility is essential in spirituality, this prayer affirms the disciple's spiritual  inadequacy - claiming them to be "slaves of wishes putting bar to advancement". This affirmation is completely counter to spiritual principles which I have come to believe are core spiritual truths. True Spirituality re-affirms ones divinity in order to redirect any thoughts AWAY from  spiritual inadequacy and separateness from Creator. The SRCM prayer is a series affirmations which do the opposite!
  • The statement "Thou are the only God and Power to bring us up to that stage" yet again affirms the disciple's spiritual inadequacy.  It states ones dependence EXCLUSIVELY on another living human "Master" to reach some spiritual goal. It establishes a human authority with no peers, no checks and balances. This affirmation causes a disciple to question their own inner spiritual discrimination, and become completely dependent on a a single and exclusive external force. This, in and of itself, puts the disciple at risk of ceasing their own spiritual Journey and giving their power needed for that journey to another person.  
  • The SRCM prayer, along with one of the accompanying 10 maxims, insists that the disciple urgently strive to reach some ultimate spiritual goal and "rest not until it has been achieved". This is completely counter to the ancient spiritual truth that, The Journey Is Infinite! This ancient spiritual truth states that the only true goal, is to embark on one's infinite spiritual journey, which can be done by anyone at any time. Likewise one can choose to dis-embark on their Infinite Spiritual Journey and seek a finite goal instead, however, in true Natural Spirituality, THERE IS NO GOAL, THERE IS ONLY THE JOURNEY!

2. Meditation on light or the form of the master in the heart puts the disciple at risk of letting  external and potentially unwanted forces into their inner being. While the standard practice makes a vague suggestion to meditating on divine light in the heart, it is mentioned by preceptors and in the various literatures since the Founder's days,  that meditating on a "true" masters form in the heart is "more effective".

  • Heart meditation is powerful. Any intent, consistently established when doing heart meditation can result in its very manifestation if done repeatedly. Any intent that reinforces spiritual inadequacy will only be reinforced and can also be manifested within the disciple with repeated practice. 
  • Allowing external influences (light from outside oneself or the form of an external master) into the heart risks inviting in things that are possibly not compatible to ones very existence. It is critical, while on the Spiritual Journey that one establish and maintain protective boundaries. Heart meditation should affirm what is already in the heart, and not indiscriminately allow external and untrustworthy forces in. This damages one's essential spiritual boundaries which must  be upheld in order protect oneself from unwanted external forces. Damage to spiritual boundaries puts the disciple at risk of being spiritually traumatized by external spiritual influences and predators, of which there are many within the SRCM organization.
3. Evening Cleaning meditation further affirms that one is "unclean" and unworthy. True Spirituality reaffirms ones direct connection with the divine. It affirms that one IS divine. Cleaning occurs naturally as a result of ones direct relationship with Creator through the resulting the experiences on the Infinite Journey. Making "cleaning" a conscious practice only further separates one from the divine and the Journey itself.

  • While spiritual cleansing is a natural event that occurs in life,  the daily reinforcing of ones "unclean-ness" risks the perpetuation of a disciples inner sense of inadequacy.
  • This perpetuation of spiritual inadequacy is further complicated by the belief within the SRCM that one must rely on a preceptor or the "master" to do the real deep cleaning to remove long standing samskaras/grossness. This encourages the formation of a lasting barrier for the disciple's direct relationship with Creator and the natural "cleansing" that occurs from that direct relationship, not to mention making claim that the inner condition of the disciple is gross!

4. The Spiritual Hierarchy established in SRCM encourages Spiritual Materialism. It commoditizes spiritual attainments, achievements and positions in the hierarchy. SRCM from its inception has created both organizational hierarchies and spiritual hierarchies which separate the haves and have nots. This further divides the "masses" from the chosen few in the inner circle.
  • Organizational Hierarchy members enjoy physical access to the "Master". Given that the practice reinforces ones dependence on the master, these members appear to the "masses" as having more advantageous  access to spiritual benefits.  
  • SRCM identifies members who allegedly have achieved the Brahaman Mandal or Central Region. Some are referred to as "Full Preceptors", receive certificates to attest to their spiritual achievements, others are simply stated to exist in a higher "region" than the masses. Spirituality is further commoditized as disciples request "Sittings" from these preceptors in order to receive cleaning and have divine grace bestowed upon them. 
  • While the practice reinforces rank and file disciples inadequacies and creates urgent need to achieve spiritual progress, they are surrounded by members who have been "blessed" with organizational or spiritual gifts. This creates divisions,  jealousies and commoditizes spirituality, exactly what we see happening in the various splinter groups and within the main SRCM organization today.


The very core practices of Sahaj Marg can be directly attributed as the ROOT CAUSE of the problems facing SRCM today: A highly divisive and divided organization caused by festering spiritual materialism, and disciples within the ranks who struggle with self esteem while being constantly reminded that their spiritual progress is inadequate, etc. etc...

On one hand, the Sahaj Marg practice, through repetitive suggestions in meditation and prayer affirmations, tears down the protective barriers around the soul, allowing the possibility of external forces to due harm. On the other hand, the one boundary which DOES get reinforced through disciples constant affirmations, is the barrier that separates the disciple from Creator. According to SRCM myth, this barrier exists until the disciple achieves some elusive goal. A goal only accessible through the exclusive association with a Master, who for the most part remains inaccessible from the common disciples. 

The practice of Sahaj Marg this is in fact quite the opposite of a Natural Path. Quite frankly this is not spirituality at all. It is, however, a formula for creating a power based Cult - Which, by the way is exactly what SRCM and its various splinter groups are.

Of course, a privileged few see benefits, and some within the rank and file are able to skirt the hazards and avoid inflicting significant trauma upon themselves. Some find benefit from meditating on light in the heart. Some find a sense of belonging to something far more powerful than themselves. Most if not all are motivated by ego, remaining "slaves" of the wish to achieve the spiritual goal created by the SRCM founder.  In addition, the SRCM hierarchy constantly reminds disciples that they are "not progressing" while channeling messages from the dead which serve only to validate their authority. These behaviors are the blatant symptoms resulting from the very flaws I have outlined above.

I apologize for offending so many with these words. What I state above comes from a sincere place,  based on over 40 years actively pursuing my Spiritual Journey - more than 10 of those years as a disciple and preceptor of the SRCM.  My heart  affirms within me that what I say above is the TRUTH. The guidance I have been blessed with upon my departure from SRCM, now over 20 years ago, has revealed a true NATURAL PATH. I can say without a doubt that it bears nothing in common with the Sahaj Marg practice or the SRCM.