Monday, October 14, 2013

A Message From The Spirit Forest

Monkey Man has posted this on my personal blog. It has relevance to SRCM so I've reposted it here.

 Its inhabitants attacked, but not broken
The Spirit Forest dispatches an invisible emissary
Concealed in storms manifest by men
Which tear into continents without mercy
Unnoticed by a world consumed with itself

Its stillness of spirit resides in destructive spiral cores
Vacuum manifesting destruction
Invisible in the aftermath
Drifting silently to unsuspecting kingdoms
And slipping unnoticed into inner sanctums

News of its arrival will be silence
Yet its presence will blare like a thousand falcon cries
Self proclaimed Masters will see their end
Unsuspecting loyalists cling to crumbling palace walls
Brightness shines on Darkness
Dark inhabitants, their true form revealed, scatter

What has been proclaimed as Bright will reveal its Darkness.
 ...And those imprisoned in Darkness will shine like Morning Stars

Monkey Man

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm posting here a comment made in response to posts on:

Having lived long enough to have personally known, Babuji, Chariji, Babuji's Sons, Ragavendra Rao, SA Sarnad, not to mention one of the last surviving associates of Lalaji who died recently at the age of 103, I am going to comment here to the many folks posting here, claiming to "know" about the system of Sahaj Marg, offering their advice and wisdom to Jai Hind for simply documenting HIS experience.

1. Sahaj Marg is not part of Lalaji's legacy. Lalaji encouraged multitudes of spiritually inspired people, without creating exclusivity or claiming to be the "only path" to some elusive goal. Babuji, after meeting Lalaji only a few times, and a decade after his death, claimed his exclusive successorship. Yet Sahaj Marg bears little resemblance to what Lalaji taught. 

2. "The Goal" everyone is clamoring to acheive in SRCM is a falsity! There is no Goal, no elusive "Brighter World". There is only an Infinite Journey that lays before you and always has laid before you! You can choose to languish in starry eyed trances around the words of a self proclaimed (and dead) gurus, or embark upon the Journey that is yours, and yours alone to travel. Even your revered Babuji hinted about this when he said, " Its as simple as turning ones head from here to here"...

3. For whatever reason Babuji created this SRCM system, the result is multitude of charlatans and opportunistic family members claiming to be his successors, representatives, holders of his legacy, or, worst of all, directly communicating with him from the dead.

SRCM blatantly claims to be the exclusive means for humanity to achieve the highest "Goal" possible for human beings. Such claims deserve scrutiny. Call it "judging the system" if you'd like. HOWEVER, such claims go against ALL that true Spirituality represents. Yet, SRCM members feel free to judge anyone who might speak up about it. Even I have been called an "Enemy of Spirituality" by SRCM for speaking the truth on behalf of a much larger and more ancient spiritual legacy that SRCM ever will be! Jai Hind seems to be bearing the brunt of it from posters, who display little or no direct knowledge of the very foundations of the organization and system they defend.

I truly hope and pray that those of you who have posted here are ultimately blessed with the ability, through whatever means, to see the Infinite Journey that has always awaited you - A Journey where a direct relationship with Creation/Creator is your birthright!