Monday, April 02, 2007

There have been many comments on other sites that refer to this blog, apparently by people who have either not spent sufficient if any time reading it to understand the contents, or wish specifically to misrepresent what is written here on other sites. Many of these posters have taken the approach of insulting the character of SRCM dissenters such as myself. Recently, the official website was updated to again allow disciples to comment on our blogs (they had been forbidden to do so last year). In that comment we dissenters are described as being "at various stages of our own development" suggesting that disciples ignore our activities and only refer to the Master. This of course implies that we are not sufficiently evolved spiritually to be worthy of having a valid opinion. In addition it shows little confidence on behalf of the SRCM hierarchy, in the discrimination abilities of its disciples to process information from various sources such as this blog and others.

Some disciples indeed have started to post comments on various blogs about SRCM since this new policy allowing them to do so. A few have choosen to make comments regarding my blog as far from the actual source without referencing this blog directly so that readers only identify my name, some vague reference to my blog, and a condescendingly implying that I may not be sufficiently spiritually inclined or informed to have a valid opinion. So it now appears in word and in action that this is the new "official" approach to handling those who question the direction that the SRCM has taken over the years. I recently posted the comment below in response to a few anonymous commenters in Shashwat's site.

I've put it here as a sort of "readers digest" summary of the points made in this blog. I believe it also reflects the key points made on the sites of Elodie, Alexis, 4d-Don, and others. I hope that this helps keep discussions here and elsewhere on track as disciples respond. I am happy to say that not all disciples have taken this tact as a few have commented on this site making their points respectfully.


I fear we are getting into personal assaults, and sarcastic insults as opposed to having an actual debate or dialog. I am also somewhat amused that some SRCM members choose to criticize the contents of my blog in remote comment pages such as this where my words cannot be cross referenced. They have not even the courtesy to include the link to my blog for reference which makes their motives appear to be nothing other than an attack against my character without any substance.

So for reference of anyone who chooses to read it, my blog is:

I'd like to make a couple of points in my defense:

1. I do not judge Chari, Babuji or Lalaji as individuals, nor do I question their spiritual approach, but it is within my rights as a thinking human being to have opinions about their actions and the results of their actions. It is also my human birthright to choose who I should trust and obey based on my own discrimination. I should be free to explain to others how I came to choose whom I trust and obey and whom I do not and why.

2. I make no claims to my own spiritual approach, however not claiming to be a Master or in the "Central Region" does not negate the validity of my arguments.

3. I reinforce this by encouraging all who comment on my blog that their experiences and personal analysis and opinions are valid and worth considering. I discourage comments that are not based on personal experiences and simply reiterate SRCM doctrine without thoughtful analysis.

4. I have striven to provide only verifiable facts on my blog that I can reference or have directly experienced. I've also clearly identified where comments are my analysis and opinion and base them on facts not myths or hearsay.

5. There is no intention to convince people in SRCM to leave. I state this from the beginning of my blog and repeat it throughout. My objective is to simply to state the facts and clear the air with regards to my experiences and departure from SRCM for others to make their own conclusions. This has obviously caused a problem within SRCM as evidenced by the personal attacks on me and my character.

I have worked hard to make my points with truthfulness, and integrity. I may have angered some by being a little too critical of their comments, and I apologize for any hurt feelings. In every instance, however, I have striven to abide by what I have outlined above.

Since many commenting here will likely not take the time to actually read my Blog in detail yet use its title as a basis for sarcastic conclusions, I'll make my key points here. I'll keep them simple:

1. In the late 70s SRCM was presented as a light organizational structure established to provide spiritual training.

2. Training was offered for free. Books were few and very affordable. The practice was practical for a typical householder with a family and career. The practice was not marketed to the community, but was simply made available, by word of mouth, to those interested. There was no urgent need to grow numbers. Quality not quantity was the motto. The Guru was a friend and a guide, not one who was worshiped. Meditation was taught out of the homes of preceptors and disciples. Discrimination of what is right and wrong was supposed to be developed as part of the practice. Gatherings were done in rented halls and peoples homes. These were the principles in which attracted myself and many others at that time.

3. As one got more involved, one discovered that SRCM claimed to provide exclusive access to higher reaches of development. In other words, no other system could compare. The Master was deemed as the highest living evolved Master and it was eluded to that he might be "the special personality" sent to this world to do divine tasks and we were fortunate to be associated with such a person.

4. Rancor existed between senior preceptors during Babuji's days. There was a major rift between P. Rajagopalachari and several other senior members as well as Babuji's sons. This rancor only continued in Babuji's death.

5. As SRCM evolved, meditation training and gatherings required purchased property by SRCM. Disciples were constantly expected to purchase expensive books and book subscriptions. The Organization itself became an entity that one must serve and be obedient to.

6. Unquestioning obedience became expected of every disciple. The concept of developing Discrimination appears to have been eliminated, apparently as this goes counter to unquestioning obedience and implies that such obedience must be earned out of the discrimination of the disciple not demanded by the Master. Not only had obedience to the Master become something demanded but now obedience to the Mission was added as a critical element to the practice. Disciples are regularly criticized for not being sufficiently obedient and unquestioning of the Master and the Mission as evidenced by several published talks by PR, many of which have conveniently been removed from their websites after dissenters such as myself referenced them in our blogs.

7. An Inner Circle is a necessary tool for any hierarchical organization. It can be used to establish order and protect the integrity of an organization. Conversely it can become a manipulative power structure to control and manipulate members of the organization. My blog discusses this in detail as it applies to spiritual AND secular organizations. I also indicate what I believe are key characteristics of a power based Inner Circle from my own personal experience in spirituality and business.

8. The SRCM organization has broken into at least three splinter groups. Accusations of poisonings and even murder have been exchanged between PRs SRCM and the primary opposing splinter group run by Babuji's family. There continues to be a legal battle over who owns the Emblem, the SRCM moniker, and the property. This indicates that there is something of value and/or power contained in controlling these things.

9. My thesis is that the drifting from the basic principles occurred over the years due to the insistence on creating an exclusive organization, claiming exclusive access to the highest level of human attainment, requiring access to an single living man, no other, to get you there. Out of this grew a culture of power and control. Wealth was created from this power over the years and, as a result, many fight over control of the power and wealth that has grown since the SRCM inception.

10. I would argue that unless SRCM returns to these basic principles and eliminate the concept of exclusivity, these problems will continue. I reference the Yogic and Sufi traditions from which SRCM was derived, and note that they have avoided these downfalls for centuries by avoiding establishment of exclusivity in the Master, Organization or Methods used to train aspirants.

If we want to have a constructive conversation, lets discuss these points. Unfortunately, it appears that the only method to debate these facts and opinions is to insult the one presenting them with degrading, uninformed and sarcastic comments. I will maintain my points and respect opposing points and arguments.

This is a public record, and those who choose to attack dissenting opinions by insulting their character or implying spiritual inadequacy will not stand up to public scrutiny, and I see little point in responding directly beyond what I have done here.