Sunday, December 21, 2014

End Of En Era

My deepest condolences to the family and disciples of Shri Parthsarathi Rajagopalachari, who passed away this weekend. While I parted ways with Mr. Rajagopalachari nearly 25 years ago, he was a formative influence in the early days of my Spirit Journey. His passing is the end of an era for the Sahaj Marg system. May all those who sought his wisdom and guidance continue on their Journey with their hearts open.



Monday, November 03, 2014

Obedience To The Mission

I approach all my experiences on this life's Journey with gratitude. In my youth, I thought my spirit Journey began in 1979 when I approached SRCM– 19 years old, seeking spiritual training and guidance. Guidance was lacking. The aging Master, inaccessible. Dissension within the group was looming. Yet, within the first few months, I experienced an inner calm in my heart center. This would ultimately be my companion and guide. No experience in my subsequent 10 years in SRCM has held a candle to this early experience. It has remained so to this day, more than 30 years later. I left SRCM in 1990 after much disappointment and betrayal. When the Master demanded I be “obedient to the Mission”, I left and never looked back. In fact, my true Spiritual Journey began at that very instant. I am grateful for the push! I would not trade this Journey for anything.

Since my departure, I have heard from so many current and former SRCM abhyasis who struggle in their effort achieve something spiritual. Many suffer from trauma inflicted upon them in their association with SRCM, its preceptors and hierarchy. Some struggle with confused thinking and low self esteem. Yet, I believe each and every one has experienced a centered heart early on their practice. The internal struggle results from the pursuit of spiritual achievements beyond the simplicity of a centered heart. That centered heart is the only constant on a Journey that never ends. Further harm is done by demanding obedience to the Mission.

What is the purpose of this obedience? What has this Mission created? Vast real estate holdings? Publications irrelevant to anyone who does not share in obedience to the Mission? What has the Mission done to uplift Humanity that merits obedience to it? The Mission anoints spiritual trainers who are but beginners, with little or no training of their own. Its hierarchy has neither the compassion nor the patience to affirm the divinity that exists in every aspirant's heart. Instead they proclaim that the highest divinity exists only in the one Master, as if nature hoards its abundance in only one heart! They forswear their disciples as merely slaves of wishes, full of grossness, in need of cleaning.

This behavior is the antithesis of the ancient spiritual truth - The truth, which declares the heart as the true guide, where at its core exists the spark of the Infinite. Only when one affirms this truth does the Infinite Journey begin! When one pursues a spiritual goal, they step off this Journey. They risk mental anguish, trauma and even insanity. Obedience to the Mission is a dangerous distraction. The Mission serves only itself. It serves only to perpetuate myths that perpetuate obedience to itself. The truth is, there exists no divine master to take you an ultimate spiritual goal, because there is no goal. There is only Journey itself – which is Infinite, and the heart is the only true guide and Master.