Monday, September 03, 2012

Gratitude At Dawn: Keeping Things In Perspective

Whilst the clans of SRCM engage battling Mediums who hurl conflicting messages from their long dead Master into the InfoSpace of the Internet, Monkey Man has retreated to the tree tops of the Spirit Forest to continue his Journey on the true NATURAL PATH!

His messages do not come from the imaginary dead Master, but from the perspective of a living, breathing being. He has expressed no further interest in following the goings on if this sad, archaic and decrepit organization, instead choosing to speak from a place which is truly Natural, a path that is the REAL Natural Path.

As the sad affair of the SRCM unfolds, its important for one to keep things in perspective. For this reason I have decided to make Monkey Man a regular contributor on my SkaiJourney blog.

His latest message can be found here.