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Background: A French speaking ex-abhyasi named Terrine posted a quesiton to me about how to deal with her "scalding" experience within the SRCM. She has left the organization and is exploring an offshoot organization called the ISRC . I am posting my translated reply to her after it is reviewed by native speakers on the Blog where she posted the question. Here is my response in English:

It saddens me that you had such a bad experience in SRCM. ISRC is a new organization that I am not that familiar with, but I have met a few of the people from India who run the organization. While I do not think they have bad intentions, they are little different than you. They are hurt by the direction SRCM has taken and chose to react by starting an alternative organization.

There are two things I would say to this:

The first thing will cause many to disagree, but I’ll say it anyway. We must remember that Babuji did indeed establish SRCM and chose Chari as the one to lead it after his death. Since Babuji is no longer living, it is quite easy to assign him God status and imply that his intentions were perfect, but in reality we cannot criticize the direction of SRCM without acknowledging Babuji’s responsibility.
Secondly, I do not believe that this planet needs any more organizations to teach the basic spiritual principles. SRCM was established to market Sahaj Marg to the masses. It has evolved into an organization of people who spend far more time worrying about their level of spiritual attainment rather than becoming better human beings. SRCM trains people to become overly concerned about their spiritual development.

In reality, spiritual development happens naturally when you live the life that God put before you. Guidance comes from many places when one lives their life with a sincere desire to grow spiritually. I have found the example of common people doing extraordinary things far more instructive to my development than any of the staged theatrics I witnessed from any Guru.
I would suggest that SRCM is a drug that people become addicted to and organizations like ISRC are the drug treatment programs. In reality, it is important to understand that it takes time for the influence of SRCM to wear off. Organizations like ISRC still promote the addiction and as a result, does not help a person eliminate the dependency.

When I left the SRCM, I explored similar organizations. Ultimately, I found it necessary to take a break from all spiritual organizations and practices in order to put things in perspective. We do need to find a spiritual community to associate with, and seek out guidance. I would warn against any “guide” who tries to claim that they are God themselves or have the only path to God. I get my guidance now from a variety of mentors. I also try to do my part to give back to the world for the guidance and direction that I receive.

In the Sufi tradition that Lalaji came from, the teacher was treated like a member of the family. He would live with his disciples like a grandfather. Unfortunately Babuji did not spend much time with Lalaji and did not experience this aspect of Lalaji first hand. I met others who did, and they do not believe that Lalaji ever wanted an organization like SRCM to be created. My suggestion to you, is that if ISRC helps you with your pain, then participate, but use caution. If you are able to remove yourself completely to let the addictive aspects of SRCM leave your body, that is the best approach. After you have put things in perspective, you can then decide whether to join another organization or simply get on with your life.

I pray for you and others like you - that you may find a spiritually fulfilling life.



Michael said...

Based on letters in Christian's Blog
( the head of ISRC, I have changed my soft opinion of ISRC. Here is my response in the comment section of Christian's Blog:

Hi Christian,

I was going to give ISRC the benefit of the doubt. Having met some of the senior abhyasis who gravitated there. I do not remember ever meeting K.C. Naryana, however, I have completely lost respect now that I see these letters.

KCN arrogantly claims to have reached the highest level of human perfection at the hand of Babjui, and adds the manipulative caveat, "But I feel like a beginner on the path". How convenient that we have to trust him and his closest associates (Inner Circle?) to believe to his level of spiritual approach!

This is a classic Guru ploy to attract capable willing disciples, by claiming an exclusive trait (human perfection!), and expressing a fake humility.

There is a deep dark secret that every Guru knows, but doesn't dare speak. A GURU's POWER COMES FROM HIS DISCIPLES!

What I see here is a desire to use false humility to attract the more sincere and evolved disciples to ISRC to create a power shift away from Chari and towards ISRC.

Babuji had an incredible group of disciples to draw his power from, Kasturi, Vadarachari, and yes, Rajagopalachari. Of course he is now dead and becomes an ideal "God Like" authority to be exploited by these people.

At least Kasturi kept a low and anonymous profile and avoided the power trap - and there in lies the true meaning of Babuji's statement that only Men can be Gurus - But the women in his organization has all the real power, the men just exploited it!

...BUT, if transmission is so powerful, why do these Gurus need the world to know that it is coming through them? Why can't they transmit anonymously for the good of the world?

KCN makes a reasonable point that only a true seeker will be graced of spiritual development. With that said, what is ISRC or SRCM doing to teach us to become true seekers? Where is the practical training on learning how to love and be selfless?

The training is backwards. This is why I chose to get back to my Christian roots, as advised by a disciple of Lalaji, to practice charity, and forgiveness, non-judgement. I've concluded that this is what is important. I have faith that a sincere seeker of God, who strives to show their love of God in their interactions with the world, by manifesting the God within in the world around them, will naturally recieve the grace of God.

A true seeker can reach the highest level of attainment in 7 months. This is acknowledged by SRCM, ISRC, and many other systems. So let's get on with the practice of being true seekers and stop trying to find a way to cheat God by seeking power for its own sake.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael
You said "A GURU's POWER COMES FROM HIS DISCIPLES!". That true for fake a guru. I do not agree with this statement as it is generalizing everyone. My Master Babuji himself is a store house of power. In fact people like Chari,KCN etc flocked to Him, only to take it from Him and utilize it for their selfish ends.

If one reads Babuji's literature one will see the training/teachings he put forth before the mankind for a true seeker. In the ten maxims we can see the teachings of virtues like forgiveness, charity etc which all religions teach and much more. He is love personified and never ordered or commanded anything from His disciples. He only told them and it's up to them to follow. For example He says vegetarian/satvik food is good. He never says do not eat non-veg. food. It's because of His love for His disciples. As it is said in Hindu religion to disobey one's Guru is a sin. He wanted to save His disciples from that son so He never said anything like an order.

It's sad to see that His disciples who claim to be His representatives and living Masters are distorting the Sahaj Marg.

Michael said...

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, I want to thank you for posting a thoughtful response to my article. I welcome thoughful and respectful debate on this subject and appreciate your approach. I fee that you are truly sufficiently confident in your faith that you can address a dissenting opinion with respect and debate rather than assalting the character of the dissenter. I encourage you to continue to comment here!

I knew Babuji as well and spent time with him in Europe and in India. He indeed seemed to have a sense of power around him.

My thesis however is as follows:

1. We can only speculate where this power comes from. You can specualte that Babuji is the source of power. I theorize that he accumulated power from those around him and re-directed it. Let's agree to disagree on this since it is all theory and there is no actual proof either way.

2. Spiritual systems that revolve around power create the precise problem that you and I both agree has occured in SRCM. It attracts disciples who want power and subsequently develop behavior that lusts for attaining and accumulating it often at the expense of others.

I also agree with you that false Gurus consciously exploit the power given them to accumulate more at the expense of their disciples and this is the most dangerous situation.

I have since discovered alternatives to SRCM that do not revolve around power or the accumulation of it, but teach selfless action, duty and charity and forgiveness. When one evolves spiritually around these principles, having power is not the goal, and if one does have it, one executes selflessly without trying to own the power that they have been bestowed with.

Thanks again for your post. I welcome your response.


Anonymous said...

What's your point Christian ? You don't have to answer me or anyone else, but yourSELF. If you don't like the method, master or the mission, move on. SRCM never said it is the only way. You know what in all the years you had spent in SRCM, had you been sincere you would have realized the SELF, let me summaries in few words which you might have come across .... Both science and spirituality agree on one fact, human being is the most evolved animal in the entire universe so far ..... man forgets the 2 words "so far" ... since he forgets goes in the loop, and yes there is no guarantee that next life he/she will be human. I pray for your progress.

Christian said...

I had not seen this one.

Science agrees on the fact that the man is the most evolved animal in the universe?

I was not aware.

What I know is that scientists start considering seriously the possibility of other forms of life elsewhere than on earth, and possibly that some of these life forms are more evolved than man.

Only spirituality (I should rather say ignorants) believe that man is the most evolve being in the entire universe.

Thanks for your prayers, it is always welcome and it will have a true value if you succeed praying for me really when we have such diverging points of view.

Mr.Critic said...

This is in response to the comment above by "Anonymous":

Hi Anonymous, you are suggesting Christian to leave SRCM. Its not a easy task to leave SRCM, for someone who has been in SRCM for more than a year. If they have read all the literature and got the indoctrinated with ideas like "Master" and total faith, and idea that you get connected to God via your Guru and Babuji's comments that you will lose your spiritual progress if you lose the connection with your Guru or his comment that Nature can cut the connection that you have with the source.. And the addiction to Transmission... It all makes it really hard to leave SRCM, after somebody spends a few years of their life in it.

Whom to trust here. Your personal judgement, or peer opinion or guidance of Babuji or what?

Actually people get "Struck" with SRCM. They will slowly lose the option of leaving it easily.

Anonymous said...

Dear All:

Seek within. You are your own Masters. Your Master will guide you. Forget the dualities and seek WITHIN....Stop wasting the most valuable resource and that is 'Time'....I am typing this message only because I believe that this might merge all of us together :)

Eureka said...

Hi Michael

I am very impressed by the tone of moderation and sound reasoning that you use to voice your opinions on sahag marg, this is in stark contrast to the jarring notes of hate that emanates from certain other quarters. Just to let you know im a practising abhyasi of sahag marg and still agree with your basic agruements against absoluteness of guru, how sahag marg has no touch with the wider world and does not participate in any charitable activities.I have derived tremendous peace from the system while still sticking to my own opinions firmly rejecting gurudom,choosing to abstain from reading mision literature etc,(I have not contributed a single penny yet to the organisation or introduced hordes of friends in 6 years).It is purely what traquility i get that keeps me in it and nothing else.
Yes, i have been a part of many spiritual organisations before-eastern and western,but found sahag marg easy simple and effective.
One of the best observations your blog has made is that it is sad to see how sahag marg has lost its spiritual essence and the charm of the loose structure that attracted so many like me in the first place. I shall do all when the time comes to go back to those tenets of simplicity and no control. Hopefully this young blood remains hot enough to stike when needed, to go back to that treasure we have all enjoyed ! Pl keep blogging I admire your tolerance whilst raising the voice of debate.

abyasi said...

Dear michel,
i have been at the holy-feet of Babuji Maharaj since 44 years. after babuji maharaj maha-samadhi also i was trusting mr.p.rajagopalachari and treating him next to Babuji maharaj. But mr.chari distrusted me. when i found him that he is power-monger and indulged in immoral activities i lost respect for him completely. therefore i was forced to leave him. mr.narayana and such other persons also made their own kingdom in the name of Babuji maharaj. hence i quit from the mission of those persons. if at all anybody who needs spirituality or ultimate transmission it can be had from saint kasturi alone. This is my personal experience. therefore i sincerely request every abyasi to persue behenji( saint kasturi) for thier spiritual upliftment. At present saint kasturi only is living Babuji maharaj.if anybody takes a sitting from her, will definitely agree what i say. kindly approach her and get spiritual benifit.

yours lovingly brother abyasi at the lotus-feet of Babuji maharaj.

Anonymous said...

Dear Abhyasi...

Thank you for the candor and directness in your comments...

There is life after "religions" and cults of PERSONS. The ONE, what some call "GOD", is available to ALL all the time without the need for a "proxy" or a "go-between". It is the "new covenant" that many wise men and women talk about. We have, in my opinion, reached what Arthur C Clark calls "Childhood's End" and it is time to take responsibility for our own Spirituality" which should mean relating to SPIRIT, not Material Structures, a Master, or other SEEKERS. This Michael call: "Spiritual Sovereignty". Those who need a gang or group so as to be SPIRITUAL can take inspiration from this quote of Jesus of Nazareth, called the Christ by Christians:

The path is wide and many go with you on the road that leads to Perdition. The road to Salvation (or Liberation) is narrow, and few go with you.

The implication is that "numbers" create a tendency towards "corruption"...The larger the structure, the more and the longer the corruption can be hidden from the sight and mind of the MASSES who gather at the bottom of the gullible and even cultish pyramidal HEAP of humanity that is the Religious Structure. The Structure corrupts or does not allow "higher" or "transcendent" energy by it's pyramidal geometry.

Spirit, if it exists, must emanates in n...(d)imensions, and does not "POINT" or be "vectored" (directed) in 3d.

May you realize that you ARE a SPIRIT and as such, are thus BLESSED...and are DIVINE, and not in need of "SAVING", but are already SAVED...

May you now help FREE other slavish com-patriots from such cults of PERSONALITIES who create a "co-dependent", and corrupt SPIRITUAL pyramidal structure. Look to SPIRAL paradigm for SPIRITUAL SOVEREIGNTY.


Michael said...

Dear Abhyasi,

I have been a guest at Sister Kasturi's home. I agree with you that she has stayed free of the lust for gathering the obedience of seeking souls and stands alone in SRCM as a truly inspired soul.

Yet, I must say, in all respect, she serves only as a spiritual tourist attraction, where gawking seekers crowd around to get a peep of the Spiritually Inspired One hoping to some how have some of the grace infused in their lives.

There should be a thousand Kasturi's, yet there is only one. Why? Perhaps because, all assume they are inferior and not worthy of being spiritually inspired?

The true reformation of spirituality has yet to occur. That will only occur when seekers cease their seeking and choose BEING. It will only occur when those gifted with the ability to provide guidance to others do so by treating others as Spiritually Sovereign Souls and not as indentured servants.

I would not suggest any more people impose on the Sister and instead stay home and become like her. She must be getting old and her family weary of the intrusion.



abyasi said...

Brother Michel/Don

I am very glad for your kind reply to my previous letter. I have only expressed my humble feelings in the last letter, it is the sweet will and pleasure of the abyasis to choose their goal, guru and method.

To further enlighten the abyasis with a few letters of Babuji is given below. I sincerely request the abyasis to go through these letters for clear understanding of spirituality.

We all know that great and unimaginable 'BHOOMA' has descended on earth in the form of Shri Babuji Maharaj through the grace of Revered Shri Lalaji Maharaj to the need of the hour which will continue for ever to liberate the mankind for realizing the truth of the ultimate truth.

In one of His speeches for the guidance of the present and future abyasis ,our most Revered Master Shri Babuji Maharaj said" Mostly people claiming love and devotion for the Guru remain anxious to efface the guru and to replace the past one by themselves as quickly as possible. It is rarely, that some very fortunate guru happens to find some time one disciple some where, who is able to efface himself in order to eternally immortalize the guru: and works simply as His representative to help maintain and spread the lineage of that matchless knowledge and discipline whose representative-ship happens to be the total account of the ever flowing spirit of the individuality of that fortunate Guru himself who can ever able to describe the secret relation-ship of such a Master and such a desciple. This just happens to be the story of the flow of grace from within one heart to other”.

This small portion of the above speech by Shri Babuji maharaj will enlighten the abyasis of the present situation.

In another speech Shri Babuji Maharah said for careful approach towards reality" Therefore, it becomes essential from every point of view that , the one whom we have seen, if he is linked to the absolute reality, then we must necessarily connect or link ourselves with such a one then it is the first step to spirituality. If by chance, one comes across such a personality whose parallel can only be my Revered Master whose link has been established with the real source so firmly that there appears to be no difference between the two beings, then dear brother it would be a blunder if confidence is not reposed in such a person. He( Revered Master Shri Lalaji Saheb) is still present and shall ever remain till the time of complete mergence of everything in its real source arrives sooner or later. If, for the sake of creating a link with some one who is extremely evolved, we attach ourselves firmly, for instance with his shadow, even then our purpose is more or less fulfilled. I am still of the opinion that the attainment of a perfect being, by whatever means it may be , is attainment of god.

Dear abyssis please note that such a personality has long been created by our beloved Shri Babuji Maharaj and she is our Revered Sister Saint Kasturi Bhehenji and all should avail this opportunity of linking themselves to the reality for which 'SAHAJ MARG'has come to existance, which shall be the universal awakening to the mankind now and for the future.

I would like to inform the abhyasis to understand and get acquainted with revered Sister Saint Kasturi as to how Shri Babuji Maharaj has prepared her even before making others as president.

In the year 1956 Shri Babuji Maharaj has written...."My Dear Daughter Kasturi....
You have complained that there is some darkness at some point....but it is not from your side. The nature has created it, because otherwise you would be entering into the condition of special personality and consequently I have to depart from this world. This has been done by Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda)."

The above letter is published in the book series "Ananta Yatra volumes 1 to 5 “written by Behenji.

In another letter No 900 in Vol 5 Babuji writes......"My Dear Daughter.....My self and Revered Lalaji are dancing with ecstasy seeing your conditions which are unique and nowhere such conditions have been written in any book dealing with spiritualism. "You have already seen that unseen and the Supreme condition has owned you “.

Our connection should be established with that unchanging eternality, not with temporary/changing masters and for which Sister has been relentlessly working even at this old age of 82 from Lucknow, India. The reality is always there which is unchanging and as such the question of changing the reality in the garb of living masters should not arise because Babuji is the only "eternally living master".

These are not mere words because even today many abhyasis feel the presence of Babuji.

Babuji said "Sahaj Marg stands for
One Master - One Mission and One method".

Babuji also said "I have come here not to go but to liberate the last abhyasi and I shall be more useful after my physical veiling".

I remain at the holy-feet of Babuji Maharaj for ever.


Michael said...

Dear Abhyasi,

How is what you have just described above any different from Religion? Are you suggesting we worship others and fall at their feet as if we are somehow less worthy of God's grace than them. Are you implying that our only hope is that some of their grace might be transferred to us? This does not appear to be spirituality to me. It looks more like religious worship.

Again, it is a sad reality that there is only one Kasturi out of the hundreds of thousands of SRCM practitioners - yet there are so many charlatans seeking power by demanding the attentiveness and blind faith and obedience of the masses They invent myths and legends about the dead Masters, and channel convenient but unverifiable comments from dead souls to re-enforce the myths and stories.

What is the point of the idolization of Madhe Mohan Lal, who you refer to as Ram Chandra or Babuji? Even he denied his identity to take the name of his Hindu/Sufi teacher, setting the example for others that we simply aren't worthy of the divine without worshiping and becoming someone else.

I again ask you this question my friend, how is this SRCM different from a religion? Where are all the spiritually inspired Saints of SRCM? Why does Kasturi stand alone as the only inspired product of the system? Could it not be the limitations of the One Mission, One Master and One Method - or would you contend that the practitioners of this system are simply not worthy of becoming saint like?

This is indeed a sad thing for me to witness. I left SRCM nearly 20 years ago because I saw even back then the drifting of a spiritual group into idolatry and religion. I've found nothing but a spiritual bounty after my timely departure. Once I realized that I am as worthy of the divine as those worshiped in the SRCM pantheon, I was truly set free. I would suggest my friend that you are worthy of that as well and too can be free.

I again suggest that people leave Kasturi and her family alone, stay home and become their own spiritually inspired selves. Guidance will come to all those with a sincere heart.

abyasi said...

Brother micheal,
Thanks for ur immediate reply to my letter.

i have carefully noted the contents of ur letter and my questions are as follows :

1) Who is your Spiritual Master?
2) What is ur goal of life ?
3)What is ur concept of

Pleaselet me know answers for these above before giving my explanation to the contents of ur letter.


Michael said...


I welcome the opportunity to state my stance on these important questions:


While I have more than one guide who is gifted in providing spiritual direction and teaching, I am my own Master and accept the responsibility for my BEING. I believe that we are all sovereign spirits in the eyes of the Creator/Infinite. My guides do not require that I surrender my spiritual sovereignty to them in exchange for guidance, nor do they claim mastery over me. They do not ask that I advertise their existence to the world as they are not in the "business" of spirituality. They treat all as equals on the infinite path and expect those they offer guidance to, to do the same.

I am part of an emerging Spiritual Sovereignty movement which declares the end of the age of spiritual slavery and the dominion of "Masters" over the human race. This spiritual revolution demands personal responsibility and honors the sovereignty of other spirits regardless of perceived position.

This was the lesson that Jesus of Nazareth imparted upon humanity 2000 years ago. This principle was imparted to Arjuna by Krishna on the road to the battle at Maharabat, yet these poignant lessons fall on deaf ears with every generation.

This spiritual sovereignty tradition has existed in most spiritual traditions for millennium - hidden in plain sight, like the examples I've posed above, but lost in the loud voices of power seeking religious leaders and pompous, self proclaimed spiritual masters who insist that the masses are not worthy of a direct relationship with the Creator and must surrender their essence to receive divine gifts.


Our lives are part of an infinite and unfolding path, therefore, there is no goal but to BE and experience the unfolding, HERE and NOW. I believe that setting a goal to be achieved in the future as opposed to BEING who you must be now is counter to the infinite aspect of creation and the concept of a goal is demeaning and contradictory to the Infinite/GOD/Creator as it establishes a spiritual commodity that is earned, achieved and traded in exchange for loyalty to a master,sect, faith or religion.

Setting a goal results in followers who do not take responsibility for who they must be NOW. Do you see how this as destroyed SRCM with all the "Senior" disciples/preceptors fighting like children over property, an dominion over the disciples. The concept of a goal is a crutch used to coax the masses along while re-enforcing their spiritual inadequacies and propagates the mentality that one is separate from the Infinite until one reaches a "goal".


I do not believe in having a concept of God/Creator/Infinite. Because of its Infinite aspect, the mind is limited and cannot conceptualize it. Therefore, having a "concept" of God is not in my vocabulary. God simply IS - I accept that and welcome its mystery and unfolding in my life.

Best Regards,


Abyasi said...

Thank u for ur reply to 2 my request.

I do not want to contradict your school of thought. But still i have certain views to exchange with you.

What is your understanding about the teachings of Babuji Maharaj ? please explain.

surrendering the 'Self' to the Fake
Masters will definitely lead the individual to chaos (like Blind leading the blind ,both fall in a ditch) but to the Sadguru or Spiritual Guide like Babuji Maharaj wiil lead to ultimate and solve our problem of life.

I have left Charji's Mission as i am not a slave to him but not Babuji's Mission which is a Natural Path towards God realisation.

Ultimate Transmission or Pranahuthi only will bring total transformation in an individual or aspirant and that is with Babuji and
Behenji.That has to be utilized for our spiritual growth.

I remain at the holy-feet of Babuji Maharaj till eternity.


Michael said...

Dear Abhyasi,

I am very familiar with your Babuji as I spent time with him in India and Europe from 1979 til his death. I've also spent time with Ram Singh Ranaji Saheb, who is now over 100 years old and was also associated with Lalaji.
Both are impressive men, yet neither have succeeded in achieving what Lalaji did.

I observed, as a preceptor, Chari's takeover of the Mission and witnessed him implementing Babuji's dream to create a world mission and grow its influence in the name of Lalaji. Chari was only fulfilling Babuji's wishes -only he seems willing to do so at any cost.

I agree with you that Kasturi-ji, is the only possible inpsired soul resulting from Babuji's efforts. Kasturi-ji herself seems to only propagate more followers, but seems unable to inspire others to rise above the fray and become sovereign and inspired spirits. She too propagates the concept of spiritual slavery, encouraging her associates to give up their sovereignty to Babuji.

I believe there is a connection to the lack of results in SRCM and the method of spiritual slavery that is taught.

I suggest my friend that you take a look at the legacy that Lalaji left behind. His results are un-deniable. Without creating a Mission, or seizing the sovereignty of his disciples, he inspired dozens of individuals who went on to influence the world. Unfortunately many of these impressive individuals associated with Lalaji chose to create organizations around them and some of these organizations resorted to spiritual slavery as the Method of training. Sadly, SRCM is the most blatant and visible example.

Please my friend, at least take look beyond your Babuji Maharaj and check the source for his inspiration and ask yourself why, if Lalsji did not need a Mission and did not ask disciples to surrender their sovereignty to him, AND his impact was so highly effective, why did Babuji see the need to adopt these diversionary tactics that were not part of Lalaji's teachings?

I contend the real essence goes back one generation before Babuji to Lalaji, who truly captured the essence of Spiritual Sovereignty. While he received training from a Muslim Sufi, he did not surrender his Hindu heritage,yet still was embraced as one in a lineage of Naqshabandi Sufi saints.

He lived his life not as a professional Guru but as a normal working man, and imparted teaching to disciples in the evenings after work. He left no property or gawking, subservient masses for his family and senior disciples to fight over. He only left behind a legacy of dozens of spiritually inspired souls all sovereign spirits.

We will continue to disagree on this I am sure, as I follow in Lalaji's not Babuji's tradition. I embrace my Christian heritage, yet follow a spiritual path that goes beyond religion.

I contend that SRCM has failed and the proof of this is in the lack of results. Lalaji inspired more souls in his short life than all of the various fighting factions of SRCM combined. He did so without adopting the Method of spiritual slavery or establishing a Mission. He did not seek a successor, but rather sought to inspire all those who associated with him. He asked for NOTHING in return.

These are the sad facts my dear friend. I am happy for you that you have found a place to feel some grace. Unfortunately we will likely continue to disagree on the effectiveness of Babuji's efforts.

I feel blessed to have witnessed what I have and invite all those enslaved by the SRCM Method to seek the path of Spiritual Sovereignty. It is there inside you. Guidance will come to all souls who chose to break the shackles of slavery and stand sovereign in the presence of GOD/Infinite/Creator! You need not enslave yourselves any further. You are worthy of receiving grace directly without spiritual enslavement.



Anonymous said...

I am impressed by your analysis. I left after 10 years after feeling disgusted at the way SRCM functions in its current form. However, I still feel that the system itself has its merits,as I obtained great peace through this method. it is sad that it has degenerated into bigotry. Guilt, fear and temptation are regularly used. Abhyasis are told that they need to bring in new recruits to be 'good' abhyasis, if at all such a certificate was required in the first place.Those who dissent are labelled 'drops of poison'. Prospective new members are told that the system is 'free of charge', and that they are free to leave the system if they wish to. But behind closed doors, existing members are told that they must 'monitor' the recruits and ensure that they stay for 6 months, as it has been found empirically that if someone stays for 6 months, they will stay on for ever. The aim is to reach a 'critical mass' of 30 in every centre, so that the centre becomes self sustaining ( akin to a nuclear chain reaction?)
Prospective members must be informed that at some stage there will be an expectation to donate money, and participate in fund raising, and recruitment/proselytizing activities. Withholding this important information amounts to mis-selling.
The organisation that was created as the means to an end, has become an end in itself.

Ironically, in open houses the method is presented as 'meditation for human integration'. Perhaps what is meant by human integration is that all humans must become SRCM members.

If one reads the SRCM literature carefully, it is stated clearly that the real master has no name and no form. However, such books are now on the backburner.

Michael said...

Dear Anonymous,

Propagating half truths does not make SRCM a viable system, especially when they are meticulously twisted into a deceptive and harmful set of practices.

Indeed, there is talk about the nameless one, the Infinite - yet they can't resist but to give it a name, "Master"! Again they are re-enforcing the concept of spiritual slavery with every. They then dictate that we are not worthy of associating directly with the Infinite and require an intermediary. This is a blatant request for one to give up ones sovereignty to another human - again, spiritual slavery!

I contend that even the grace that is felt and attributed as Pranahuti is merely the collective energy of the souls who have given up their spiritual essence to their master. It is energy, it is power, but its essence is not the Master. It is the collective essence of the Infinite contained in the disciples, given freely to the master, who then re-distributes it as a rationed commodity to placate their souls.

In fact, the Infinite is so subtle that one feels NOTHING! This is even acknowledged by Babuji, yet another half truth glossed over by those who worship a Master expecting to "feel" something in return.

Sadly, the entire SRCM culture has been established around the commoditization of "receiving" or "feeling" grace in the form of prana, transmitted from a preceptor or master. In exchange for what?

This is so counter to the principles of Spiritual Sovereignty! True spiritual grace is given without asking, without demanding, without even the recipient knowing its source or even feeling it, and without a demand for something in return - and true grace is not "felt" it manifests itself in one's BEING!

SRCM has reduced Grace to a "THING" that is traded as a commodity, given in exchange for something in return - One's un-questioning obedience to a living master or the spiritual representative of a dead one. It requires that the disciple acknowledge up front that they are not worthy to embark on the Infinite Journey directly and instead must merge their essence into a Master/Representative who is more worthy then them to make this Infinite Journey.

I know these are harsh words and I am sorry that they might hurt many still in the system. I do not say these things out of hate, but out of love for my fellow human beings who I see as entrapped in a blissful, mesmerized state, awaiting the arrival of a promised land, or ultimate goal as a reward for NOT embarking on the Infinite Journey themselves.

I have said in my recent blog post and will repeat it here, it is difficult to reverse the effects of this sort of indoctrination, but not impossible. One must boldly choose to take that terrifyingly lonely first step on the Infinite Journey. Once the first step is made, guidance will come - and GRACE is there always!


Abyasi said...

i have noted Your comments on my mail.

As i have studied you thorouly, i found that you have a brain but no heart. Babuji says feeling is the language of God. Being a preceptor you should explain to others the efficasy of Devine Transmission. But you have not told me anything about the ultimate Transmission which gets transformation in an individual. In our mission the the importent thing is ultimate force or Transmission. that wich you completely ignored.

You have uttered that Babuji were treating abyasis as slaves. But it not true at all.Babuji used to say" I am the servant of humanity entrusted by nature". In my life time i have never seen him treating the abyasis as slaves. He was treating abyasis as his associates and rendering personal service to them.

Slavery srarts with in oneself. Because we are slaves to our wishes and senses. Let us first get rid from this slavery to sensorial temptations before attaining Spiritual Sovergnity.

You said Jesus gave spiritual sovergnity to his desciples . I ask you why you have left such a great personality and joined in SRCM and became preceptor also.Now you are embracing christianity and started your own mission . I do not know tomarrow what decisions you will take.god only knows.I learnt in my child-hood that"Rolling stone gather no moss". My dear friend i have only one master who has given me ennough knowledge to understand the spiritual conditions of others.
By the grace of my master i am sailing smoothly towards ultimate.
I can not eat for you nor you can not eat for me. Let us proceed in our own ways 'Towards infinity'.

Once Babuji wrote me a letter saying" Grasp what is necessary and emove what is unnessery". All these spiritual politics are existing in every Religion/Mission.

Babuji said" Great men are not accidently born, when time needs most they come and do their job and go such is the phenomenon of nature".Like Sri Rama,Krishna and Chirst Lalaji or Babuji also the nature's Agencies. Babuji had taken a lot of abyasis to the highest condition in spirituality but only a few retained and others like 'Basmaswara demon' detroyed

I wish you all success in your movement towards Spiritual Sovergnity. May god bless you in your endeavours.

I remain at the holy-feet of sadguru Sri Ramchandra ji Maharaj eternally.

Best Regards.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous Abhyasi...

I am in agreement with Micheal on his "Spiritual Sovereignty", and Spirit not needing a "proxy" to contact the INFINITE, the ONE.

Spirit, by its nature is in "non-local" contact with the ONE (Creator) and with the ALL (Creation). To establish a link with other "Physical beings" rather than with SPIRIT and/or the ONE is idolatry. We do that with mates to continue the species, and for its survival. And we do that with Friends and associates. We don't need an expert in LIVING to follow us around and tell us how to LOVE our mate, family, friends, etc...

We are SPIRIT...YOU are SPIRIT...You are connected to the ONE directly. Take your responsibility on your shoulders and be brave. Show the path of courage to your family and friends so that we all may be UNITED in our link to the ONE, not to RELIGION and SECTS of which there are so many. That is how RELIGION DIVIDES.

If we all go to the ONE directly, we can all UNITE in that BEING right NOW...not in waiting for a GOAL that we will never reach. SRCM will never claim that you reached the GOAL and that you don't need SRCM anymore...

If one can't see the ONE or SPIRIT in the eyes of his child or any child, and in the eyes and lives of his family, and friends, then looking to others from exotic lands who are incidently "self-professed" Masters will only lead one astray from one's responsibility with one's family and friends. One can't serve two Masters.

You are SPIRIT. May your physical and emotional self be blessed with Courage and Hope.

This too, the messs at SRCM and other Religions, will pass away...


Abyasi said...

Dear Don,

I am very glad to receive your most affectionate letter- subject ‘Spiritual Sovereignty’.

No doubt, yourself and Micheal are sailing in the same boat towards infinity or god with a flag of ‘Sovereign Spirits’ not knowing the rout/direction. Because, you do not have a proper guide or Boat-man to lead you to the shore of Eternity. This is the reason that so many individual souls with their self effort could not reach the ultimate and remain helpless. To uplift the humanity spiritually and liberate them from the bondage of life and death or misery, God sent so many Messengers/Personalities in to the world like Christ, Krishna, Budda,
Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and my master Sri Ramachandraji Maharaj. As i have written already in my previous letter to Mr. Micheal that God has no mind and thus can not work directly on an individual for his final spiritual attainment. He(God) can only work/help through His representatives. Therefore the seeker has to approach a Sad-Guru or Worthy master to attain the ultimate condition of reality or God. The Spiritual Master who knows the way perfectly to ultimate( like a Boat-man) will definitely carry the aspirant successfully to his destination or goal. But if you say that you directly pray God to make you reach the Ultimate, will surely result almost in fruitless effort.

I would like to remind you a story which you would have forgotten. There was an etheist who caught in a whirl-pool praying for God to save him from the jaws of death. God sent several people to save His devotee. But the devotee simply rejected the help from others saying that God will come directly and save him. God did not come directly and saved him, then the devotee drowned in the waters and died miserably. Therefore my dear friend your concept of ‘Sovereign Spirit’ fails here.

As you proclaim, if God can act directly and remove the sins of human beings and liberate them from the bondage of life and death, then there is no point of God sending Incarnations like Christ,Krishna, Buddha, and Babuji into the world will never arise. Then every body would have been a saint and no sinner would been existing in this miserable world. But unfortunately the case is reverse. The purpose of human life is to get rid from the bondage of terrible round of birth and death and misery. For this accomplishment we need a sad-guru to make our journey smooth and easy towards the realm of God. I would like to tell you a poem written by Lalaji Maharaj in his book ‘Truth Eternal”.

“ O! Sadhu ! Adopt natural practice.
Nothing can be gained without practice.
Even worldly things need practice, let alone attuning the spirit.
As you sow, so shall you reap, know this as secret.
You have myriad forms of illusion, why labor under that.
When the dirt of the mind is washed away, then you behold your true form.
Through the grace of satsang ,O! Sadhu, get your purpose fulfilled”.

I wish to remain as a dust particle under the Holy-Feet of Babuji Maharaj till eternity.


Michael said...

Mr Abhyasi,

It was clear to you before you even started this discussion that we would not agree. Personally, I do not expect to change any one's mind. I choose to express what I have experienced along with my personal analysis.

I try to be careful not to judge anyone personally or insult anyone simply because I disagree with their stance. This is part of MY spiritual training. I believe you will find that this is the tradition that Lalaji came from.

I'm not sure why you and others in the SRCM groups seem to always end by attacking the character of those who disagree with them.

To say I have no heart is an interesting personal judgement to pass upon someone who has practiced heart based meditation for 30 years. I have my own opinions of my personal weaknesses, but that is not one of them.

Attacking my Christian heritage is another common tactic. This, sir is my religious heritage. Why attack me for embracing this? Have you and all other Hindus in SRCM forsaken all aspects of your heritage. Do you disregard the teachings of Krishna or Rama? I thought SRCM was supposed to embrace all religions by going beyond religion.

As for uttering that Babuji treated others like slaves - where did I say this? You put words where there are none! I've made my thesis about SYSTEMS like SRCM that insist the unquestioning obedience of disciples and the dangers that exist when this is promoted results in spiritual slavery.

Regardless, I would suggest that it is clear where you and I stand - we do not agree. I have no intention of changing your mind. You seem to believe that by attacking my character and religious heritage and putting words in my mouth that you will some how erase the logic of my analysis and force me to convert back to SRCM.

We simply need to agree to disagree and move on. This conversation at least on this Blog is over. There are better and ample other places for you to promote your beliefs.

Best Regards,


Michael said...


Careful quoting Lalaji to justify your "Boatman as Guide" theory. Lalaji did not take your "boatman" view when describing the all important PRACTICE. He acknowledged the Infinite Journey that we all must embark upon.

Some thoughts to leave you regarding Lalaji's quote you've invoked:

1. The Journey is INFINITE - any goal only leads one to a vantage point where one can start this Journey. Only you can start it at any time. Perhaps being on the Journey is the goal? What is important is that we SHOW UP for the Journey. This is what Lalaji means by PRACTICE.

2. A Guide is nothing more than map or a compass. Trust in a guide must be earned not demanded by the guide as there are so many charlatans who would lead us astray. We still are Captains of our own ship and must take responsibility for navigating the waters of the Infinite Journey. Again this is the PRACTICE that Lalaji refers to!

3. Goal based systems create their own reality. The TRUTH is an infinite expanse that has no higher or lower - it only IS. I suggest you read "Truth Eternal" again. Keep your heart open to the words and embrace the contradictions within the words.

My parting words to you my dear soul is this:

There is no feeling of being lost on the Infinite Journey - it is full of mystery and contradictions, yes, but one is never lost in a boat without a "boatman".

It is important to embrace the contradictions of nature. Follow knowledge to its limit and find true Ignorance. Seek a goal only to find that the Infinite Journey has always been there waiting for you to take the first step and remains waiting for you to embark upon once you achieve your goal. Achieving the final goal - begins the Infinite Journey! The Journey begins when goal seeking ends!

As for your questions for Don. I've not posted them here and suggested to Don if he chooses to engage you with your your riddles that the two of you do so elsewhere. My blog is a forum for respectful exchange of ideas, not a tool for religious conversion. You've made your point here. No need to ask him the same questions you asked me and repeat the process again here. I see nothing more than repetition of the same point. So, take your questions and riddles for Don to his blog:

May you achieve your Goal and find the Infinite Journey which lies beyond it!



Anonymous said...


May you achieve your Goal and find the Infinite Journey which lies beyond it!

I like that... ;-))

The Goal, like "knots", or traps or prisons, are only possible in 3d. The infinite, the eternal and/or what some call "the ONE", the Divine, the Sacred, etc... exists in n...d and n...d is its "domain".

IT, the ONE, WAS and IS always thus. It is only the MIND and the Material, the Creation, and hence "man" who has to move and have "goals", and create "knots" and prisons (traps). Hence, the Mind (or the brain) has to evolve intellectually to be able to conceive of, and experience consciously more than 3d. We enter physically, intellectually, and emotionally, into the n...d, or the realm of "spirit" without a goal, not to find a "goal", to explain it, and "sell" it to others, but just to BE...

We then stop the search for the GOAL and just BE (not "go) on a SEARCH as "THE THING"... The JOURNEY IS "THE THING"! (or the goal). That can also be seen as: "to be a prophet is to be a "seer" or to SEE (not to "look")".

The mind has to have goals in 3d, because everything is "seperate", and "divided" by MIND itself in its analyses. The MIND like a computer seems to use a "binary" (switch on, and switch off) approach to what it sees as "duality", and "divided", or not ONE itself, but the creation of ONE as it becomes or "vibrates" in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... etc dimensions to create all the diversity we witness in the Spirit (etheral?), Emotional and Material world. We only have to look at the atom and the various elements to see that this is expressed there, visible to all who would "see". (Hydrogen (2)- one unit of "electron" (negative), one unit of "proton" (positive)), and on and on up to the naturally loose atomic bonds of the radio-active elements such as "uranium"

I quote this, my variation on a joke by John Prisland, who was also an abhyasis of Babuji's before Chari, and is now in the infinite: (I sometimes see him on the "inside dimensions". ;-))

B-4 B-3 B-2...
Before B-2 B-1

I will put it into a song one of these days...Maybe I'll call it my "LIFE is a BINGO" song... lol or a "The Eternal Gamble of LIFE". lol ;-))

So our UNITING Blessing could be:

May you be a "seeker"...

And the curse could be:

MAY you FIND what you SEEK! (then one has to defend what quickly becomes "that dogmatic illusion" IT is in MOTION... and CHANGE is a REALITY...

In Christianity that "goal" can been called the 7 Virtues such as Charity, faith, etc...,
which "goal" we receive as we receive the sun, the rain, the wind, etc... by GRACE! Not because we did anything to deserve them... We just get ready to receive... we prepare the vessel to recieve, and all receive...the sinner included. We will all get to realize our ONEness MOTION, measured as TIME. WE are ONE... NOW. Some realize it NOW...some don't and have to keep "searching" or 'open the eyes"...all three of them!

Another song I was introduced to by John...

Tis A Gift
(Old Shaker hymn, circa 1800)

Tis a gift to be simple
Tis a gift to be Free
Tis a gift to come down where we ought to be
And when we find ourselves in a place just right
We will be in the valley of Love and Delight

When true simplicity is gained
To bow and to bend we will not be ashamed
To turn and to turn will be our delight
When by turning and turning we come around right.