Sunday, May 13, 2012

Forest Through The Trees: Message From Monkey Man


My Journey has led me to this place and made me compelled to speak about the Spirit Forest and the true Natural Path -  A Path where all are welcomed as Masters of their own Soul - All are Soul Masters!
  • True Spirituality is like a Tree in the Forest where the Tree IS the Forest.
  • True Spirituality does not tell the Tree it is alone or separate from the Forest. 
  • True Spirituality embraces One-Ness of the Tree with the Forest, In the Forest, Of The Forest.
  • True Spirituality embraces these truths regardless how the Tree feels about it -  It is truth.

Alas, I see many things here that Spirituality is NOT:

1. It is NOT a franchise

2. It is NOT a prayer that affirms ones slavery to wishes and submits oneself to a "Master" in order to achieve some unimaginable goal or entry in some "brighter world" upon death!

3. It does NOT affirm that one's soul is un-clean, requiring subservience to a Master and his franchisees to be cleansed.

4. It does NOT require face to face shut eye meditation in the presence of a franchised gurus assistant,  attendance at shut-eye meditation seminars lead by franchisees or costly books one must read when eyes are not shut.

5. It is NOT a path to an elusive (and illusive) Goal which is unachievable without the unquestioning surrender to the "spiritual" franchise, its leadership, its founder, his assigns or representatives. 

6. It does NOT rely on un-verifiable messages from the dead,  conveniently reaffirming all of the above.

I see many things here masquerading as Spirituality.  They are like the mocking birds in the Spirit Forest, singing songs of other birds. Such spiritual masqueraders ask un-natural things of others while calling these things Natural - though they are not. 

The true Natural Path, however:
  • Embraces the fact that ones very existence is and always has been Sacred and Divine.
  • It affirms our One-ness with Creation ( Tree = Forest, Yes?)
  • It is about BEING, not becoming something you are not.
  • This Path is a Spirit Journey that is infinite.
  • Because it is infinite, there cannot be a goal.  (Even monkey mathematics can grasp this!)

 Why is it that a monkey can see the Forest through the Trees, yet some Humans choose entanglement in organized despair religions,  masquerading as Natural Paths? 

I have heard the noisy chatter of empty wisdom parrot speak - mindless repetition from countless overheard speeches and words read in books. It is this clamor that has brought me here. I am curious as to why humans choose such foolishness and call it Natural. It is difficult for those of us on the true Natural Path to witness. 

We welcome others to see the forest through the trees - To BE the Tree AND the Forest.  All that is required is to BE! 

It gets no more Natural than that...

Monkey Man

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