Saturday, August 18, 2012

...Another Message From Monkey Man

Monkey Man's commentary on Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, the self proclaimed Master of SRCM and his dramatic speech and reading of his most recent correspondence with his long since dead (since 1983) Master Babuji.  A link to the video can be found on the SRCM site here

I am sad, so very, very sad.

I've descended from the trees of the Spirit Forest to see what the commotion is, only to witness this small band of invaders, noisily spouting imaginary words of dead people, leading their masses on a garden path to nowhere.

Dead people do not call the living "Great" - Because they are dead! They live as spirit in all of us and are incapable such blatant, foolish compliments!

In real Nature, where all Paths are Natural, living Spirit Beings ignore such vague messages channeled from the dead. They instead prefer to thrive on the living spirit world around them which is full of wisdom and life.

 Sad, so sad... So many Souls, willing to follow the withered echoes of those long since dead and silent, when they can embrace the living and breathing Spirit that thrives in their very presence and guides them from within their very own hearts!

I am concerned for these brothers and sisters who chatter in the forest floor below me - Exposed to such drama and misguidance. May the perpetrators of this misguidance find reconciliation and forgiveness for their behavior so that they not live their final days in sadness and regrets.

The real Natural Path is not this! It lives and breathes within us all. The wonders of the Natural Spirit Forest are vast and infinite. There is no end, No brighter resting place. Any "Brighter World" that might exist can be found HERE AND NOW, and is not some elusive and un-achievable goal! There is no need to rest on the true Infinite Natural Path as the Path itself sustains us.

With tears in my monkey eyes,  I return to the tree tops, where the wind through the leaves drown out this noisy chatter. I dare not descend again any time soon for fear of what I might see or hear.  I prefer the sounds where Nature pervades. I prefer the true Natural Path, in all its glory, which lies before us as an infinite expanse, never ending!

Best Wishes and Blessings to All. May those who've wandered so far down this garden path, AND those who led them there,  find their way home.


Monkey Man

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